Lander, Wyoming – And now there are officially new Freshmen Rockers. The Class of 2023 arrived in Lander last week and is now on COR. We still haven’t been able to get an official list of their names, where they are from, their dating preferences, preferred adjectives, etc., but we’re working on it.

Pre-COR Photo of the Class of 2023

As usual, they were not even told the exact date COR would start until quite late as Dr. Arberry stated their first official notice of it on a press release dated Thursday, August 1st.

On Sunday, they will head up into the mountains for the 21-day backpacking expedition that introduces them to education at Wyoming Catholic

Dr. Glenn Arberry
Food-pack for COR

The Class of 2022 was also told around this time during their arrival week of the start of the infamous COR experience. We had hoped better communication would prevail this year, but it appears then that things are tracking alike to last year on this reticence and just about every other accident of their arrival we’ve learned about so far.

Like the Class of 2022, the Class of 2023 has at least one confirmed international student, but it is also more geographically distributed, with twenty-four states represented as opposed to twenty-two last year (though we don’t know which ones these are).

It would be appropriate to mention at this stage exactly how big the class is. While the school’s aforementioned press release said the Class of 2023 has fifty-four students, IIT analysts don’t have full “knowledgy-knowledge” on this fact, so we’re not going to really state it as a fact. It’s probably just a guess anyway, as it’s obviously really hard to count a crowd when they’re in one room and therefore unimaginably harder to count a group of rowdy up-and-coming freshmen rockers scattered around Lander and the country.

Numerous letters were sent from the Class of 2022 to all of these freshmen on the COR wilderness experience they’re now a week into. We’ve learned from clandestine sources that the Juniors (Class of 2021) plan to send them some stuff to, but they’d all be very happy (as all of us who have done COR before know) to get stuff. Just send it addressed to the student life office and attention to the proper WCCLE.

On that note, while we’re not able to find the exact men/women split ratio of the Class of 2023 yet, IIT analysis of school route plans filed with the Federal Expected Emergency Management Administration showed route plans for only five WCCLEs (outdoor trip groups) with nothing for WCCLE 6. This was confirmed by the Student Life Office to mean that there is no WCCLE 6 like last year and that there are only five WCCLEs, three of women and two of men. This probably means there are few men in the Class of 2023 and more women compared to the past gender balances that past classes have managed to achieve.

We don’t know yet how that will affect the dating prospects of the Class of 2023 and we’ll have to truly apprehend them as a whole to really understand it.

Stay tuned to Irkutsk Ice Truckers and if you can, please send something to those Freshmen now in the wilds of the Winds or the terrors of the Tetons.