Our 200th Article!

Pinedale, WY – Known as the Tannerite Fire, a nem shared with that of a famous explosive charge, fire raged last week only a few miles from the last publicly reported location of one of the five groups or “WCCLEs” of Wyoming Catholic College’s (WCC) Freshman Expedition. Official reports by the local sheriff’s department and the state Forest Service again claim that it was set accidentally at most or most-likely according to the natural order of nature, but the strange circumstances of this event lend to a much deeper threat behind it. Even as all the students on the expedition returned safely, this is the fourth major “disaster” to have “accidentally” happened near or around Wyoming Catholic College students in as many months. Over the longer term, both WCC and its rival TAC have faced near disaster even more numerously while suspicious incidents happen on at least a weekly basis at both schools. Accidents? Chance? If they happened once or twice, maybe, but the repetitiveness with which “one darn thing after another”as Fr. Schumaker mentioned at Mass this past weekend has struck the school, lends only to it being the threat we broke the news on several months ago, the Spartan threat.

Sparta, as we recounted, has been operating clandestinely for centuries, “controlling the world” in a limited sense through their penetrating and history-determining actions of the past few millennia. Behind Nazism, Communism, and NOLSism, Sparta and its predecessors, desiring in a master plan for “man to become themselves gods”, have constantly threatened their avowed “arch-enemies of the Christian West, Catholicism more particularly, and in the present, serious Catholic colleges like Wyoming Catholic and Thomas Aquinas.

Clare Rahilly

This latest event, even looking on just the surface, fits so well into the pattern that even skeptics are starting to be convinced. Called “accidentalists”, this party of skeptical thought amongst WCC students holds here to the idea that all these attacks were not really attacks but freak accidents by the chance intersection of causes. Clare Rahilly, for one, a WCC Junior, was a strong supporter of this viewpoint, but now says “the coincidence of WCCLE 2’s path lying directly on the line of sight of the fire and its spreading at the fastest rate of any Wyoming wildfire (of those that began that day) is the literal “smoking gun”.

“For”, she continues, “perhaps it was started with a literal smoking gun.” Tannerite is the name of an explosive used in certain gun/ shoulder-mounted rocket launcher hybrids, and apparently is said of nothing else, so even the name shouts suspicion.

Clare still has a moderate view, as she is not yet willing to directly ascribe everything we mentioned as caused by the Spartans to them. The attack on the Upper Dorms last year, for one, she still says was a “training session for firemen” and the ping-pong attack on Marley was merely “rowdy freshmen rockers being rowdy”.

But for those who truly know, who truly induct from all the particulars of everything that has ever gone wrong at WCC and follow the universal philosophical principle that “correlation equals causation” everything, as I have said, falls into place.

WCC faces an internal, external, existential, and all-penetrating threat. You could say the whole world faces the same thing, of course, but WCC, as the home of the only true resistance to them, the only place where metal fully merges into trucking, philosophy into theology, and sophistry into humor, presidentiality into Russelity, and the Polinski effect into the “Jane” and “Abe” effects.

Sparta fears what W.C.C students pose as a threat to their plans of millennia for world domination. This recent attack fits completely within their pattern of past behavior, wreaking havoc with even those things seemingly natural. While, of course, and again, WCCLE 2 and all the WCC students survived, barely (we can’t release exact details of what happened from our investigation for fear of endangering our operatives/sources) the threat remains and could come back at any moment. Just about everyone at WCC, for example, is going back into the wilderness next month for the Fall Outdoor Week. Who really thinks everything will go fine there. No one and that should especially be the case after this recent near-disaster only acts to compound every single WCC expedition week or COR season over the past five years facing either “unexplainable difficulties”, crazy legal challenges, near or true disasters, or full-on bandit attacks.

Be careful out there. And contact us to learn how you can help fight the threat of Global Sparta.

No they won’t – stop us!