Lander, WY – Sparking new concerns over the school’s level of preparedness for other possible contingencies, the massive Wi-Fi outage that began Friday as a partial disruption and went into full force the following day continued into its fifth consecutive day today as school technology experts were either surprisingly absent or were bewildered and unable to explain the perplexing system malfunction.

“It was a horror show,” said John Carter, a WCC Freshman of his having to endure a weekend of either no Wi-Fi on campus. “First they take away our cell-phones, then our Wi-Fi. What’s next? Our dating rights?” Even Philosophy was affected as a summary of De Anima Dr. Grove wrote was unable to be printed on the outage’s account.

Luckily full internet was restored this morning after five days of a “Connection” but “No Internet” message showing up on every computer. Social forecasters, we heard, were predicting “total disintegration of dorm life” and the possibility of “fight nights” every night if the outage continued. We’re very happy that none of this occurred, but it was a close scrape as college officials continue to investigate what could have caused the massive outage.

Criminal investigations, in fact, might be underway for the perpetration as a professor and administrator wrote the following to all students on what may have caused the incident:

Furthermore, our technical support consultant believes that the whole issue may have been caused by a router being plugged into the network.  This would make sense if a student plugged in a router at their dorm when they returned to school since that timeline would fit with when the problem started.  
If you plugged a router into our network, please unplug it immediately and send me an email letting me know that this indeed was a cause.  You will neither be in trouble nor have your name shared, but we need to know so that we can prevent this from happening again.  

Dr. Anonymous Redacted

Contact our computer expert Aretari Polinski at or the school if you have any more problems.