Lander, WY – Terrifying the citizens of Lander from the moment it first appeared on the horizon, a flying creature reportedly as large as and in the appearance of a full-grown black bear was sighted by as many as one-hundred people last night. Soaring several hundred feet above the ground over downtown Lander each time, their was little reported noise at all from its presence, but terrified witnesses remember “scrambling over each other to get into the safety of the great indoors” as Adam McClure, a W.C.C. Junior commented about his experience seeing it last night.

Music that went with the experience

Around one-hundred people reported seeing the creature in total according to reports from the Lander Police Department and all had similar descriptions to Adam’s. The local National Guard unit was called into action, as we heard from one of it’s members who is also a student at Wyoming Catholic College, but the object, sighted for only about five minutes, disappeared from view by entirely by the time they responded.

“It headed off towards Sinks Canyon,” one onlooker reported. “Moving at a hundred miles an hour at its fastest, we saw it circling a few-hundred feet over us, and then, it was just, just gone.”

This sighting caused an immediate investigation by both the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and the Department of Defense with dozens of “Bigfoot experts” also making their way to Lander as well in hopes of seeing this creature again. While these “experts” have offered surprisingly little evidence to corrobate this sighting with any other unexplained happenings, the most interesting testimony comes from the local Indian tribes of the Arapaho and Shoshone, from which one informant gave us the following fragment from a sacred tribal prophecy:

In form and moving how bounding and terrible. In action how like a hawk, In apprehension how like a man. The terror of the Tetons, The hunter of men.

A fragment of an ancient Indian poem we believe may have reveleance to

Said to be describing a past vision of a 19th Century tribal shaman, our informant said simply: “Read the statement carefully and make your own judgment. I will not say a single word on this. The will of the birds, trees and worms demands it.”

Locals seem to think this quote and accompanying “statement-not-statement” is important, but as of Tuesday, just as for the creature itself, no one knows what it means.

Kind of like Aristotle’s definition of the soul