Recently having moved to Wyoming, recently converted rapper Kanye West annouced plans for a week tour in Lander, with a headline performance at next week’s Sophomore Dance on All Saints Day, Friday.

Only a week after the release of his last album, Jesus is King, Kanye already has another ready which will drop next Friday with a rumored title All Saints. Performing alongside Andrew Russell and Joe Nemec at an “all star entertainment outblowing anything ever done before at WCC, Kanye is sure to reconnect many students here with musical art forms they’ve never before taken seriously” says WCC Dean Professor Clenent.

Juniors Sophia Russell and Theresa Liebert are behind bringing Kanye to WCC, a place they say “he’ll obviously love like he’s never before.” Sophia adds his children are already pre-committed at their young age to attend WCC and Kanye may even be a special guest on the Freshman Expedition next year.

“In any case, he’ll love this place,” Theresa further told us and their advanced discussions with him about a major donation to the soul he “already wants to make” that could “see the school finally buy the old Holy Rosary church building.”

No comment has been received from current school director of art and music, Professor Hodkinson, about the visit, but Kanye’s arrival has already been celebrated widely at WCC and “may even be the occasion of conversion for some NOLSeys” Freshman Jacinta Rioux told IIT reporters today as the renowned rapper will also give a guest lecture Thursday night about his recent conversion story.

As of 6pm Friday we further learned from WCC professor Dr. Pako Pakodopolous, that he is very “excited to announce that Kanye, ‘will be’ joining the music staff and the choir at WCC.”