In a move totally incongruous with any and all proper thoughts of personal beneficence WCC Juniors are just now sadly discovering that the paper they rushed to complete a week ago could actually have waited. Neither Dr. Bolin nor Dr. Holmes collected their papers from the box in Baldwin that students were told to submit them in by Saturday the 12th at 5 pm until today eleven days later. While the paper topic was on virtue and ethics and this could perhaps have pressured some into actually writing their paper so as to appear or be in actuality what they were preaching, IIT researchers discovered that 98% of the 44 juniors turned their paper in on time and the only late paper was returned at 2 am the following morning, showing that no students precollected that they could have waited.

Perhaps they just wanted to be done, even if the deadline wasn’t as it seems. But why, if given a chance to continue working on and improving their paper, wouldn’t someone have done it, especially given the extremely rushed circumstances in which they were forced to come with something to meet a now obviously imaginary deadline. Isn’t it a virtue to continue to improve oneself? And as a paper one writes comes out of oneself, their intellect, and their very work, their very handiwork, doesn’t it reflect the perfection of their soul? Wouldn’t at least one of the “obsessed with the real Class of 2021” want to do something with immaterial, perfection of something real ends?

So why didn’t the Class of 2021 rewrite, expand, improve, or wait to write and turn in their papers especially as the Class of 2022 had a similar opportunity to continue to edit their papers submitted electronically after the “deadline”? Haven’t they been here long enough to know that deadlines, though immaterial, aren’t a real thing here at WCC anymore than Canada is?

Unrelated, but why aren’t more people at WCC working to end the idea of Canada as an immaterial abstraction abstracted from nothing real as it is also not real?

Serious philosophical inquiry, reflection, and perhaps dialogue with Dr. Pako is needed for their class.

Seriously though, folks, while deadlines may be malleable here at WCC, it actually pays to follow them. As in an important insight from the Horsemanship discussions on virtue with Mr. Clement, Andrew Russell said that “If it wasn’t for deadlines nothing would get done.”

So true.

So turn your papers in kids.

And let’s go out and experience the real in a real Class of 2021 way!