Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College is investigating a new phenomenon of its work-study program, that students can technically fulfill all 150 hours for a semester without any work in a specific given position. Very few have taken advantage of this “loophole” as it may be a “loophole” in idea only, and not something many people would do without some insolvable problem with their position, but “it is something to look into” WCC Executive Vice President Saul W.K. Hikownot noted. “These are real jobs and it would be kind of weird if you could be officially doing one thing but really be something completely different.”

That “Counting hours” can refer to many objects is the specific cause of this phenomenonical insight as although primary positions are assigned, there are work opportunities subordinate to these readily available that “with permission” can be used sometimes to “make up” hours if one is behind track on  the 150-hour benchmark for a semester These are “catering hours” which are said in to ways proper and indirect and catechism teaching, which exists in proximate and separated senses as to location.

During a typical week there are around 9.5 hours of such opportunities, just below the 10-hours/week work-study guideline and metaphorical target.

  • Wednesday: Up to 2.5 hrs for Teaching Catechism at Holy Rosary
  • Sunday: ~2 hours for Teaching Catechism at St. Joseph’s Mission
  • Day Varies: Catering Events – Servers: 5 hrs average per week

This is unrelated to the separate trend we’ve noted recently of work becoming volunteerism, but the close correlation between these subordinate work opportunities and the target weekly hour count is weird. Is the school testing these for everyone merely as a pathway to making them separate jobs entirely in the future? Of course, having such opportunities helps in a few situations, but the presence of these opportunities, “might threaten the completion of other tasks” noted a current WCC sophomore who asked to be called Syv Swag when interviewed. “They’re good for hour scraping if you don’t have ‘enough’ responsibilities to meet school targets and find yourself staring at the slip in your mailbox at the end of the semester, but otherwise… it’s counterproductive to have such a setup.”

Relatedly, Hikownot has noted that big changes may be coming to the program next year, leading to the supposition that this loophole, “mostly hypothetical at present” may be closed as new positions such as “Longboard Superflex”, “Bouncers”, “Geology Assistants”, and “Political Administrators” that are proposed may stretch staffing too far and require everyone’s “full committal” to their own responsibilities, a term he’s often used before.