Lander – The former room that played host to Dolce Ice Cream over the summer is set to again to be filled, but this time with something hot and crunchy. Chick-Fil-A, in franchise with Wyoming Catholic College, plans to open its first Wyoming location January in WCC’s current front studying area that hosted a school run ice-cream parlor last summer.

“We’re always into new business deals that allow us to further our monopoly over any and all commerce in Lander,” says school executive vice president Saul W.K. Hikownot. “Our franchise agreement with Chick-Fil-A won’t take away from our thriving buisness with Crux Coffee and we’re sure to bring thousands every day from all over Wyoming to make pilgrimages to the Christian fast food favorite. Unlike Crux, it won’t be open on Sundays, and we’ll be able to draw all those people coming to it then to Crux instead on those days when its closed.”

Due to WCC being the franchisee and in charge of all hiring decisions, nearly all employees will be students and from faculty’s families, though the broader community is “definitely welcome to visit and apply” Hikownot adds.

The small size of the location poses some problems for fitting a full Chick-Fil-A inside, but with the school recently discovering that they, in fact, have a basement, they’ll be able to fit fryers, refrigerators, and storage down below, an innovative idea that also depends on the proper application of Book XI of Euclid’s Elements.

Whether students will get a discount of some sort from the location has not yet been determined by the school, but the Student Life Office says that they will allow students and faculty to “bring food from it into most classrooms”.

Dolce, will be moving to another location next year, WCC sources tell us, and will still reopen on schedule, but student studying space will be affected negatively by this new usage of the space in any case, as nothing other than potential usage of the “sills” above the library and some classrooms may now be allowed to take up the demand. (as pictured)

Local officials are extremely pleased with the move, giving the town its fourth fast-food restaurant, and the “first that’s actually downtown” as local mayor Robert Stinson told IIT Saturday.