WCC Senior Ian Whitmore’s Senior Edgework project Ian’s Drag Races promises to bring new thrills and dangers to quiet Lander February 14th. A first of its kind for Wyoming Catholic College, the race will cover the area around the dorms and Holy Rosary Parish property with a two-mile course of “curves, jumps, obstacles potent and actual, and some surprises” according to Dr. Himmer, ELP professor at WCC and Ian’s advisor for the project.

“Anyone with a car is welcome to participate for only $5 with half of the entry fees going to the winner and half to the charity Rocky Mountain Counseling,” Ian told IIT in his announcement today.

Current junior prefects are excited to be judges at the event, “which will raise big money for counseling services distressingly needed among depressed and crazed students” according to one.

“Bring your family to visit and see what WCC’s really like,” Ian continues. “This is a highly family-friendly event and we can’t wait to see your younger siblings’ driving. We’ll race everyone out of their social comfort zone into the disequilibrium of growth!”