Evidence from the School Contact Directory

New evidence uncovered by IIT operatives reveals that Dr. Kwasniewski, a founding professor of Wyoming Catholic College who left two years ago to run his own scholarly institute, may be returning to teach at Wyoming Catholic College. For although he is no longer officially associated with WCC, Dr. Kwasniewski recently received a new @wyomingcatholic.edu email from them correspondent with the move from “.net” to “.edu” emails schoolwide. 

Were this an automated process there’d be nothing to this fact, but as the recent transfer between .net and .edu emails was completely manual, requiring both IT manager Jonothan Gielbat and each person to be present and enter their information, someone had to purposefully add Dr. Kwasniewski to the new system. And as IIT staff only just noticed the addition of his name in our school email contact directory, we believe he was added quite recently, likely within the last month. Assuming this isn’t a prank, in no way likely with the people currently in power over the system, someone in school administration decided that he needed a school email, which could only be the case if he were actually coming back to teach.

The school has yet to announce such a return, a little out of the ordinary for something as high profile as this, but evidence that some shakeup in teaching for next semester is already in place Previous school plans, for example for Dr. Schubert to teach sophomores in HMN202 seem to have been dropped while Professor Rasmussen (Magistra) is currently shown to be teaching no courses next semester according to the most recent analysis of available data. And current data also contradicts official statements as with school dean Professor Washut teaching junior Theology this spring even when he was supposedly not planning on teaching at all with his position. At this stage a month out, most of next semester’s assigned faculty could be placeholders but the recent update points to a further shakeup that could evidence space being opened for Dr. Kwasniewski. 

Such a return will be much appreciated at the school amidst concerns that the Latin identity and the poetic experiences of its original founding were being lost amidst a desire to increase curriculum difficulty to surpass TAC’s. Integrating a mass influx of foreign students, including some claiming to be from the non-existent area known as Canada has also been a problem, something which a professor skilled in language and holding to the unifying founding principles of WCC on common liturgy, language, and practice will also benefit in solving current community problems.

Finalized schedules will be posted in mid-January but IIT continues to check for school verification that the “Kwas”, as he is often known among students, is actually returning.