Hiram’sTM Consulting Services are already world-renowned and IIT is humbled to be associated with his famous work. But the WCC freshman offers more than just dating advice, humor, and support to his home team → Athanasius. An expert chef and with the assistance of his friend Daniel, he’s begun to share some of his inventive culinary creations with the wider world. 

What’s so groundbreaking about his work, however, is that it’s designed for WCC students and tight budgets, with many recipes actually free to make if you do a little work and some scouting. As his culinary research has focused onto breakfast foods as well as certain combinations of spicy ingredients, here’s a preview of a top recipe from his coming new cookbook Hot Tamales:

HiramTM Nachos (for WCC Students)

Nachos might seem simple but bad if you want to make them cheap, and expensive and complicated if you really to make them gourmet. But fear not, spice-lover. If you plan ahead and can carve out some space in your dorm refrigerator for a week, you can have a seemingly endless supply of excellent, gourmet nachos at the end of the week for not even a penny.

Here’s how:

1. Procure Chips for Free

Find Kevin and from him find out when a school catered event will offer tortilla chips. As always, there’ll be plenty of leftovers, so just show up right after the event, and spirit them away. Usually they’ll be in a big plastic bin and be placed on the west counter of Frassati and as these events are usually on Saturday nights, check here late Saturday.

2. Meat and Cheese

Here you’ll need a little help from some friends. At lunch on Monday, have each of your friends fill up a cup or plate they own with meat and cheese slices in Frassati. Collect them from your friends and set them aside.

3. Repeat (sort of) at Tuesday Lunch

Similarly at lunch on Tuesday, collect sour cream, cheddar cheese, banana peppers, avocado, and salsa.

4. Get a friend at one of the apartments

A timocratic friendship, obviously, but one that will allow you to use their kitchen unnoticed to combine ingredients. Just be careful to defend your acquired stores of food or offer to share with them.

5. Combine the ingredients

Nothing to it, the trick was all in the getting. Just go into the apartment kitchen and heat, shake and stir. (Or if you’re from California shake and bake of course). You might think that there should be more to it, but there isn’t. Enjoy, and most of all enjoy, that you as a WCC student, made Nachos, without going to a store, and without having to pay a penny*.

*Except for tuition of course