Lander, WY – Expanding its business operations farther and farther by the year, WCC Inc. the parent company of Wyoming Catholic College is preparing for its initial public offering (IPO), most likely on the New York Stock Exchange.

“Though it might seem a little weird for a college to seek public listing, WCC is more than a college,” says IIT financial analyst Solomon Seeker. “With Crux, WCC Catering, WCC Security, Dolce, COR Expeditions, the Immaculata Ranch, and several more rumored future acquisitions, they’re starting to look more like a large conglomerate.”

A public listing would improve funding availability, give the college more publicity, and allow flexibility in business dealings to expand the group farther beyond Wyoming. Valuation is yet unpublished an unknown as is current profitability, but publically company officials show enthusiasm and that things are moving in a positive direction.

The college portion of the group continues to face tough competition from Thomas Aquinas College (TAC), which recently opened up a new eastern campus, but “enrollment held up this year better than expected” according to Saul H. Ciwoknot, the school’s executive vice president. A major victory was winning what some call equivocally a “Freshmen Omnisciens”, Zach Lee, away from TAC this year although tensions remain between the two schools “beyond the level of mere competition” as several sophomores told IIT News. Overall school finances improved tremendously according to school reports of a new loan agreement with Ave Maria Credit Union that eliminate any fear of eventual capitulation to government financial dependency.

Dolce Ice Cream, the group’s newest addition, had a “bumper first summer” of operation according to Anthony Watts, a junior who managed it, and the school is looking forward to year-round profits from WCCLEland, Wyoming’s first and only theme park which opens this May. WCC Catering profits remain strong, though business is heavier in the fall and summer than winter/spring and the prevalence of Crux coffee cups around the school campus shows they’re likely still doing well.

Revenues for the group overall increased 8% year-over-year in 2019 and will likely increase further in 2020 as the school’s WCCLEland theme park opens on a portion of the Immaculata Ranch and enrollment growth is projected to resume this year after two years of flatlining.

Anthony Jones, a junior at WCC, is rumored to have been chosen to head the listing, which involved multiple internal audits, securing underwriters, and regulatory approvals. A months-long process, listing on the NYSE would at the earliest take place in October.