Everett Polinski and Sophia

Lander, WY: Sophia Polinski’s (soon to be) otherwise wonderful oration today “Was the Novus Ordo a Rupture?” left many hanging when she purposefully skated the question everyone was wondering what she would answer. THE QUESTION. Wondering how she would answer, especially as Dr. Bolin noted at its beginning that there was clear a liturgical seating separation in the audience, everyone sat though the half-hour oration and half-hour of questions in eager anticipation. But then, nothing! Nothing. She laid it out as a question “for further investigation”. 

It was but an attempt to build anticipation, however, for a huge reveal coming 8pm Thursday night, when as Dr. Benoski told IIT sources today “she’ll finally reveal her liturgical position publicly” at a “follow-up lecture”. Scheduled to also be held in Augur, this oration will be much shorter than her first. Attendance is expected to be in the hundreds and WCC Security is standing by for possible protests by whatever party she chooses against, and advises all attendees to be on their guard.

Liturgy WFRs are preparing for excitement in hopes she may also treat the rising issue of bubbles in the liturgy.