The shadow of a doubt has been flickering like a reversed flame for several days – Something is up, nobody knows what or why, but the ominous and unknown is expected. Tension is building, like that in a rope as the walker nears the center.
Perhaps there’s a new ‘couple’ on campus – the atmosphere appears before the people do. (That phrase: Love is in the air? Yeah, that.)
Or is there something being hatched in the form of a Plot up in the Office? Again, nobody knows. Plots don’t show themselves until they are hatched and mostly grown anyway. By that time, no one will CARE.

The biggest difficulty is finding the nobody who does know. If one could, then they would destroy both the nobody, and the not knowing by the simple request to the nobody of knowledge. (Just ask any-nobody)
And then someone would know. Not anybody, but somebody.

Best part about being that somebody is that you can reap a profit from the inquisitive folks about who thirst for needless chatter.

To whoever reads this: I apologize for one thing. Not for providing the means for you to squander your precious minutes of life in pointless prattle, but for not making it longer, prolonging the wasted time and making you FEEL THE BURNING GUILT that all should writhe under when they have turned their abilities to be used for . . . almost nothing.

You’re welcome! ;P