Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College’s (WCC) longest-running student, Homer, the epic poet himself,who as school academic dean Professor Cleanet comments, “has been with us in one form or another since out inception, may finally be set to graduate with the completion Wednesday of his senior oration”. “A “stunning tour de force of why Homer, and just about every student at WCC loves Homer so much” according to critics at the WCC Pigeonhole commenting on his performance, “it was also among the best-attended given Homer’s historic nature as the last graduate of WCC’s original first class”.

Homer’s Oration

“We’re proud of how much he’s accomplished for our school during his tenure here but also a little saddened that this might be our last year with him,” Cleanet continued after Wednesday’s oration. For those who’ve completed their thesis and oration, graduation is so close it’s like you can actually see it, coming May 18th this year for the thirty-six members of the Class of 2020 including Homer himself. His sentiment is not alone, as several students have already petitioned to have him made “a school mascot” or something like that.

“At least the semester’s still young,” says Bernard Budkins, a close friend of the epic poet and entertainer. “We all love you Homer!”