Dr. Baxter’s approval rating jumped to 99% this week in the sophomore class as he announced “modifications” for the sophomore humanities final. The usual professor of the “Dante” course at Wyoming Catholic College (WCC), owing to his absolutely massive research and knowledge of the poet and his “Divine Comedy”. Due to the unique circumstances of the learning environment in which the WCC community now finds itself, he took the further unique step of asking for student input with regard to his decision to drop the “killer final” he’s accustomed to give out on his favorite text.

Being Baxter, everyone at first assumed this meant a modification from identifying quotes to quoting the whole text from memory, but it was truly, as a California sophomore said, a “THANK YOU DR. BAXTER” moment when he announced that a simple “poetry recital video call” would be his replacement “final”.

Some still suspected a joke, given the nearness to April Fools Day, wherein last year sophomores were nearly fooled into believing they had a Math paper due the same night it was announced. But Baxter explained again that he was changing the final and this “spark of joy” has already reduced sophomore class stress levels by nearly 82% from a recorded March 28th peak.

Students are now trying to identify what could have caused him to become so merciful so fast given only the slight adjustments other professors are making, and in fact, for some, increases in expectations even throughout the shakeup and confusion now everywhere.

One sophomore has protested the loss of a chance to do “Quote IDs” but Baxter promised they can come over to his office anytime for a “Take out a blank sheet of paper” moment.