Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College’s Dolce Ice Cream Shop is proud to announce its newest flavor of ice cream, available starting June 15th: Cotton. Other ice cream shops dilute that pure, smooth, and soft flavor of cotton and offer Cotton Candy, but Dolce market strategist and director of ice cream experimentation Kent Allison says that “cotton by itself has a really cool aroma, southern twinge, and a smooth, relaxing aftertaste”.

“We’re pleased to introduce thiss exploratory flavor made with all natural pure cotton, naturally gluten free. Try a sample starting Monday!” Kent added. “It tastes silky smooth and leaves a cool cotton ball aftertaste.”

Some have already wondered how cotton is put into ice cream, but this “is also quite simple” according to Saul H. Ciwoknot, vice president of WCC and the brainchild behind Dolce. “We take 100% pure cotton balls, press them out, and spin them around to spread the strands into every bite of this ingenious new silky white and crazily amazing tasting flavor. I really hope you come and try it today err… Monday!”

Dolce is located at the intersection of Main St and 3rd St in downtown Lander and open from 12pm to 9pm everyday (10pm on Friday/Saturday).