Lander, WY – Thinking about the good of the community as a whole, Wyoming Catholic College, especially in light of 2020 graduate Sean Conner’s thesis on conservation, the school has decided to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” the upper Dorms. “Think of the good of the community as a hole above that of your dorm, prefect Mitch “MAC” Schuter told students and reporters today in announcing the decision. “The process was started already with Leo’s back porch, but we’re simply going to accelerate it. Pull pieces off the dorms bit by bit, light a fire, and help the school ave on energy costs.”

“We’re recycling, or maybe you could even say reusing the dorms,” Sean told assembled reporters, excited that his ideas were being put to use. “It’s green, easy to do, and helps us do our part to combat global warming.”

While some have raised concerns that disassembling the dorms might preclude people from living there eventually, school officials are unconcerned, as “UV light helps kill the coronavirus, and partially disassembling the dorms would increase its penetration upon the students”. Further, an increase in natural light, “also wouldn’t be a bad thing, as some people, particularly sophomores, cold used a bit more lightness in their moods and the sun usually would help with that. Many people “won’t even notice the difference for a while in the dorms and a plan for replacement can be considered a few years down the road” according to Mitch Schuter.

This recycling and reusing project will also allow campfires to be held on a more regular basis than they are currently by allowing a more consistent supply of wood that is yet pursuant to LNT principles.
Further details are available upon request from Mitch Schuter who is directing the project Contact him at