USA – Demorat presidential candidate Joe Biden is making a “heavy push for voters from swing cemeteries” according to officials with close ties to the former vice president and Delaware senator’s campaign.While Democrats have largely focused their strategy on increasing turnout from voters in cemeteries whose residents typically vote Democratic, there is potential for Biden’s platform and issues to really draw in “a lot wider range of dead voters than normal. Biden’s slogan, according to one anonymous official of “Restoring the Soul of America” is “the type of thing that any typical middle class dead voter could sign on to in a heartbeat, and while these voters may not exactly have heartbeats, they are and will be voting to a beat for Joe.”

Voter registration campaigns in dozens of large and medium-sized cemeteries are planned over the rest of the summer, and “really quite unaffected by the coronavirus, so it’s an awesome strategy for Biden” political and statistical analyst Nate Silver commented. “Quite foolproof, actually. Since dead voters are immune from the coronavirus, they’re going to be focused long-term, and that’s really the type of voter either candidate needs to build a winning coalition.”

While the Trump campaign has not yet launched similar registration and outreach drives of its own, a spokesman said the campaign is considering holding rallies within several of the nation’s largest cemeteries by September, as he says: “Some of my best friends are dead people. I know lots of dead people and they’re quite good people actually.”