Santa Paula, CA – After twenty years of debate the Thomas Aquinas College board of directors decided against adding a course in Sophistry Friday, as many faculty had been suggesting that the school should add for generations in order to make their education more applicable to everyday life and the modern world. 

“We don’t really need it,” said TAC president Glenn McLean announcing the school’s decision today. “We took an in depth look at our curriculum, our philosophical vision statement, or lack thereof, and realized that our whole education is sophistry, plain, simple, and undistilled.”

Many professors thought an official course in sophistry might be beneficial in reducing the school’s appearance as over-depending on philosophy as a mode of discovery and learning, but “much of our philosophy was really just sophistry in disguise” McLean added. “Therefore, our curriculum, as it is, is really quite perfect and there’s no need to change anything.”

Many students are unhappy with the decision, wishing to have a more dedicated and upfront approach to the ancient liberal art of sophistry that has also recently become loved and embraced by the world. “We want sophistry yes we do, we want sophistry you do too” chanted several hundred students parading in and around TAC’s beautiful Southern California main-campus.

Several dozen have threatened to move to Wyoming Catholic College, where administration officials appear more open to embracing sophistry as a full liberal art of its own, on equal standing with the others. 

The WCC admissions office was reportedly overwhelmed with calls from California over the weekend from students “exploring their options” should protests not change TAC administration’s mind.