Lander, WY – As part of Wyoming Catholic College’s modifications for the coming fall semester in response to the Wuhan Coronavirus, the “couple separation” policy typically adopted in determining class sections will be suspended. Controversial, especially to couples, the policy precluded dating couples from being in the same class section. But according to the assistant director of the school’s Student Life Office Mary Rensilret this will be changing this fall: “Couples are always going to be together outside of class anyway.” she says, So as we separate other people who won’t be together outside of class we think it also makes sense to put couples together instead.”

While there may be some risk to the community from unforeseen effects of couples being together in class, something that has, of course, been almost completely avoided at WCC so far, advice to couples who will now be together at all hours when they are not sleeping with the plan will be provided by the one couple which was placed together in classes last year, Ezekiel Bauer and Ellen Wit, who “are co-writing a handbook on proper dating procedures while in class” according to Mary.

The change in policy is for now officially temporary as the “school doesn’t want couples together all the time”. But “for now the threat of the coronavirus appears to be greater to the school decision makers than something that has been at the very core, the very essence of what the school is” as IIT political analyst Sophia Donaldson says. “We can only hope that the calculus changes as soon as the perceived danger diminishes. Otherwise, what’s next, placing couples together in cook groups on outdoor trips?” she questions.