Lander, WY – Highlighting a need to increase the school’s representation in diverse demographics for whom (California/New England) Thomas Aquinas College (TAC) might typically seem a more appealing option, Wyoming Catholic College has announced a new logo and marketing initiative that highlights the school’s similarities to TAC. “We’re really the same thing basically, err yineistically,” says WCC dean Professor Cleanit. “And since we want to highlight that fact, that our curriculum is basically the same, that our professors basically all came from TAC, that our students all have friends there and probably just barely escaped being sent there, we’re simply changing our logo to highlight that similarity.”

Unveiled below, and to a special panel of faculty and benefactors, the new logo is a close imitation of Thomas Aquinas College’s, “a stunning work that took our top artists and technology experts hundreds of hours to produce” as Cleanit explained. “But we do avoid people confusing us with TAC proper by the addition of a small tagline at the bottom ‘Cum Equiis’ or ‘With Horses’. People call us TAC with Horses all the time, so this simply moves our branding closer to what people already think of when they think of us. The only real difference between us and TAC is that at/with the Arbery’s WE HAVE THE MEATs, err Horses, but same difference.”

New WCC Logo

The school’s official title will be changed along with the logo to “TAC With Horses Catholic College” or “TACHCC” effective from the coming fall semester, although changing all branding and advertisements “could take as long as twelve years” according to one school official. “Like TAC but With Horses” will be the school’s new slogan and WCC’s website will be updated with the new branding as soon as the school’s internet works well enough for them to access it. “We might even copy some of TAC’s promotional material and just add the ‘with horses’ at the top of each page as a disclaimer,” another administration official told us. “They always have beautiful campus pictures in their material which we’ve always forgot to really include in others for some reason so we might as well just take theirs,” he added.

Alternate Logo Version

In response to WCC’s changing marketing, and for similar reasons, that being in order to appeal to more outdoors-inclined students, Thomas Aquinas College also announced a new marketing campaign this week and will soon call themselves “WCC without Horses”.