Lander, WY – The recent move of the mail and computer room and some related changes in Wyoming Catholic College’s Baldwin Building, controversial as we reported on it yesterday. But further concerns related to the moves have come out over the last day as pathfinding experts from the WCC owned COR Expeditions including Isaac Milligan and Joel Fiandeiro warn that “hundreds may soon get lost almost every day between rooms getting moved around and the one map to the building itself being moved, and moved in such a way that it invalidates itself” as Isaac told us in an exclusive interview this morning.

The map to the building has a “You are Here” marking on it, but with the map moved as part of the overall work on the building performed earlier this week, “people will have an incorrect starting point, and wind up lost by the time they move more than five feet in the maze that is the Baldwin Building” as Joel commented.

“It gets worse, far worse, when you consider that people may try to follow the map to find the mailroom but will find themselves rather in a stark, sparse, and absolutely massive room that is most definitely not a mailroom. And, remember, they’re already disoriented” Joel added.

A simple solution would be to update the map so that there is no chance for this horrible confusion. “However, the school seems to have lost the file for the map to the building, and it would take awhile to re-scout the building and have a new map drawn,” Isaac reported. “Therefore, unless we start warning people wholesale and enact our OLP Lost Person Protocols proactively rather than after someone gets lost unless we do all this, we could have hundreds of people getting lost every day in the hallways and classrooms.”

This, not only bad in itself, also threatens the very purported purpose of the moves, “to reduce traffic congestion in the hallways and anterooms”. For if hundreds of people are lost in the hallways, they’ll be clumped up tight with each other, given the finite size of the school building, making traffic congestion even worse than before.

School officials have not yet addressed this important issue, with one administrator for Super-Flex merely commenting that “the map should be close enough so as not to cause too many problems for people trying to find their way since only a fraction of people even know there is a map to the building.”