Preparing for class…

Lander, WY – “I’ve been waiting for two years now,” complains Wyoming Catholic College junior Jacob Zepp almost daily. Although one of the most focused students, one for whom coming to WCC was a near-lifetime goal, Zepp still has one beef with the school. “I guess its not with the school per se, but with the professor who promised a refund and still hasn’t paid out,” he clarifies, but that doesn’t make him any less bothered.

“I came here to study the Liberal Arts, to study the Bible and Aquinas in Theology, Homer, Pako, Thucydides and the like in Humanities, and so on. Not, not to learn about marriage,” he says. “But one Freshman Theology class, supposed to be on the second book of Kings, gave me none of this. Instead Lasnoski went on for an hour on marriage and vocations and other stuff he loves. That’s not what I came here for, again, it’s NOT” he added.

Dr. Lasnoski offered Jacob a refund at the end of the class for the money spent on this particular class saying simply, “Talk to Mrs. April,” but according to Zepp, nearly two years later the money still hasn’t shown up.

“I knock on the door once a week, on schedule, and ask about, but nothing,” he reports. “I was thinking of talking to the dean, ‘my old buddy Kyle’, about it, but there’s always too much other stuff. But shouldn’t I have at least gotten something by now?”

School officials have yet to comment on Zepp’s claim, but the course description for Theology 101: Salvation History, the class involved, has since been modified to include “a detailed dialogue on marriage and the family” in its contents, appearing that the school is covering their back should someone now make a similar claim that they’re receiving free advice on vocations from an expert professor on the subject in addition to not missing anything from Second Kings. (The conversation on Second Kings was continued the following class, Jacob admits)

Intriguingly, however, neither Zepp nor any other student has yet complained about tangents during Dr. Grove or Dr. Stanley Bolsson’s philosophy classes.