Lander, WY – With its largest ever freshman class coming in less than a week, Wyoming Catholic College is in the midst of an absolutely massive and harried shakeup to find space for them and “most of the returning students”.

We reported already on St. Scholastica’s switching back to housing women, and its already quite common knowledge that a house is being rented to house four seniors and Joe F. However, the changes necessitated to truly house everyone require a lot more shaking up. School Chief Financial Officer Peter McNow graciously donated his office in the school’s Baldwin Building to house three (or so) sophomores while Dr. Virginia did the same for two freshmen girls.

Sort of putting a small crimp on the school’s long-time ban of and opposition to roof-hopping, several school baker will be quite literally “camped” on the roof of Frassati, something that Student Life Office officials say “will also save them time and avoid us having to run a shuttle down for them every morning.” Similarly, several janitorial employees will be housed in one of Baldwin’s massive closets which hosts a secret hidden bathroom that’s “long gone unused”.

Also, every room occupied by a junior will be double-booked, “as no one in that class wants to stay around anyway so we might as well keep that space in use after they’re gone” Mary Rensilret, assistant director of Student Life told us.