In collaboration with and on behalf of the Wyoming Catholic College Class of 2022, Irkutsk Ice Truckers is proud to present its first promotional ad for the Class of 2022, the current rising juniors at the school. “I’m not just saying it because we were hired by them, or because I’m one of them,” reports IIT founder and president Everett Polinski, “But there are really one of if not the best ever of classes to have come through WCC.”

“I’m really proud of our ability to help them demonstrate their amazingness with an IIT produced video to help encourage students who are on the fence about what class they want to be in at the school to really give the ‘22ers a second look. They’re the most studious but also the most fun, the only two time winner of the WCC Best Dance Award and they’re the only class ath the school with Theo, Andrew, Ruth, Janelle, and I guess me. What more could you want for in a class.”

While students who have completed less than two years at the school can’t really get “bumped up” to join the Class of ‘22 if they so wanted, they can still be “adopted by the juniors” Everett explains. “Or, on the other hand, we could have all the current juniors take time off to meet the newcomer where they are in the curriculum. Either way there are multiple ways to get into the perfect class.”

Current sophomores at the school attempted to hire IIT to produce a similar video advertising what they have to offer, but when Janelle and Ruth offered donuts and biscuits to the IIT staff if we made the video to support theirs, the choice was obvious.

Watch the full video here: