Lander, WY – Faculty are changing up a bit this coming year at Wyoming Catholic College as several professors take sabbaticals to write books and help in various other areas around the school. The school is hiring some new professors to help compensate, but several other staff members are stepping up to teach a few courses as well. Food Service Manager Bruce Liu is stepping up to help with teaching Euclid for freshmen in the spring, compensated for by Dr. Olsson helping a bit with kitchen management. Dr. Schubert will teach some Latin as Magister takes some time to help out the Admission office and Kristin Anderson, assistant director of the Outdoor Leadership program teaches humanities and Trivium for her and junior Louisa Whitmore takes over administration of the OLP. 

Bruce will also help oversee the Horsemanship program as current director Kyle Clement teaches Gymnopoetics for Dr. Tonkowich, who will be taking some time off from teaching to help his son assist the school in the final stages of signing a deal to finally “buy the hotel”.

“While some of these changes may be somewhat unexpected to our students here, they help us become more like what we’ve always wanted to be, Thomas Aquinas College” says school Assistant Director of Student Life Leonardo Frazier. “As all their professors teach everything in the curriculum on a massive rotation, we thought we’d go a half step further and have everyone in our staff eventually teaching since for various reasons we had to mix people up a bit already.”

If the plan succeeds in the coming school year, further changes, potentially including school Chief Financial Officer Peter McNow teaching Latin and Bruce leading the twenty-one day expedition trip are also under consideration.