You’ve probably noticed, but there’s been a lot of talk recently at WCC about families. Or, more specifically, a singular “family”. Normally this would be good, you know, faith, family and foosball and all that, but a series of images and historical hints that have been circulating around the school recently make some staff news analysts here at IIT a little concerned.

You see there’s family and then there’s the family (spoken with a nice Italian accent). We’re not saying of course that WCC has been infiltrated by the Italian mob, the Mafia, but think about it for a second.

It would make sense. It would explain a lot of weird things that have been reported to have occurred around here.

Think about it.

Thomas Urgo left the school recently. He also said he once got into a literal fight with a member of the Mafia while he was hiking through Italy two years ago. Coincidence?

Timothy was pictured with what appears to be a band of leaders of the Mafia

Someone knocked over the tent for the WCC 2020 graduation ceremony in what was obviously an attempt to interfere with and thwart the school.

And there’s more we’re looking actively into: code words used by school administrators, rumors that some of the rooms around the school are bugged, and most recently, multiple attempts to pass 

Either the school has been heavily infiltrated by one group of gangsters while being attacked from the outside by another. Or. less likely, its just caught in the crossfire.

Either way, we’re involved somehow.