Lander, WY – Freshmen of the Class of 2024 at Wyoming Catholic College have been climbing around in the crawlspace below the school’s bar, game room, and all-around lounge, the Pequod, for over three weeks already, with little knowledge or objection by the school and too pretty little fanfare. “It’s just a bunch of rocks, some wood framing, and a few beer cans down there,” says one anonymous Californian freshman of Section 300. “Kind of a let down and made many of us wonder why we ever went to all the trouble of conquering the Pequod in the first place.” 

But that all changed today, Day 22 of the freshmen occupation of the building, which was seized by their class without any fight, merely by the small matter of a small portion of their class just moving in and sitting down. Another anonymous freshman from Tennessee was “just going about his business, doing a twenty minute exercise routine down in the crawlspace” early this morning when suddenly some of the rocks he was crawling on “shifted, and started to collapse in on themselves.”

Needless to say, he scrambled towards safety. But not before a gaping hole had opened up in the rocks and gravel that formed the bottom of the crawlspace. A tunnel. An official investigative team of freshmen was on the scene to investigate within minutes, and after first ensuring that there would be no enduring threat to the “freshmen territories” the “posse” as they called themselves” started exploring the tunnel. 

They missed all their morning classes. And whilst they weren’t missed at them, since professors have pretty much given up on taking role with the huge, indeterminable, and practically uncountable amount of freshmen, there was definitely something down there.

“Miles,” said one of the explorers, when he finally returned, stopped by a prefect in classroom hallways for being out of dress code, but an encounter that quickly grew as the prefect noticed the freshman’s torn, grimy, and muddy clothing and attire.

“Miles, and miles of tunnel-like caves,” said another freshman of the group, stopped in another hallway by a separate prefect, but for exactly the same reason.

“It’s absolutely massive,” said a third, caught by a prefect attempting to crawl through the Frassati ceiling tiles into Bruce’s office in late afternoon today.

Miles and miles of tunnels apparently spiral out from the Pequod and in nearly every direction underneath much of Lander, Wyoming according to assembled and corroborated reports from every freshmen on the exploration team, all of whom were, for one violation or another, stopped and questioned by prefects today.

“No end to them, just another stretch after every corner” added another of the explorers. On the finding.

School officials have obviously been notified, but have not yet commented on the reported tunnel system, though a local police investigation, and rumored, a weird FBI investigation have already begun. Rumors abound throughout the school community and the broader citizens of Lander ranging from that the tunnels were constructed by Russians, to that they are part of a top secret US military installation, to that they are completely natural, or, most common, that they were constructed by members of the Class of 2024 themselves secretly (with freshmen just pretending to have “discovered” them).

The Pequod is officially closed, however, until further notice according to an IIT intelligence source within WCC administration, but local reports on the ground tell that freshmen have almost completely disregarded this order, if it is true, resulting in “twice the normal amount of freshmen in the building as normal” according to one of our sources.

No official confirmation or pictures have also been given about what the tunnels (or caves) are actually like or whether they appear to be manmade.