Lander, WY – New this week, Wyoming Catholic College has decided to “go green” with the addition and now use of “reusable tupperware tableware and metallic forks and knives” in their Frassati food service dining hall. Gone are the days of bags and bags of plastic disposables, trash bins overflowing to the brim, and the cost of stocking up week after week, endlessly, for more of the same. “We’re proud to be ‘doing our part’ for the environment,” says school executive vice president Saul H. Ciwoknot. “Bright colored, large, and easy to clean, they’re so much better than disposables.”

Of course dishes will take a bit of time and effort to clean, but the school will overall save thousands of dollars a year while “saving the planet” with its switch to reusables. Reportedly, WCC is even considering a return to reusable doorknobs, though a decision has “not yet been made.”