Lander, WY – The appetite of Wyoming Catholic College students for pizza is nearly insatiable. And if we use the word insatiable to describe students at the school in general, there isn’t even a word to properly describe the appetite of members of St. Athanasius Dormitory. But soon their cravings will all be fully satisfied with today’s announcement of yet another purchase by Wyoming Catholic College, the Lander franchise of the Domino’s Pizza. Adding to the school’s portfolio of food establishments including Crux Coffee, Dolce Ice Cream, and WCC Catering, “owning a pizza restaurant was really the next logical step” said the school’s executive vice president, Saul H. Ciwoknot. “We looked into the options in town, and since St. Athanasius always buys Domino’s and in fact already has a monument stretching all the way around their dorm to Domino’s pizza, we decided to buy them.”

After the deal to take ownership of the local franchise takes effect on February 1st, students will eventually make up most of the franchisee’s employees, and all WCC students will get a 50% discount on pizza, with St. Athanasius Dormitory also getting a nightly allotment of four pizzas.

WCC is also looking for a better and more prime location to host the franchise, “expected to be a big money-maker for the college” according to Saul, with options including Frassati Hall and St. Athanasius’ laundry room. According to the school’s chief financial officer Peter McNow, the school is also looking into buying “the entire company,” a transaction which would include Ave Maria University in Florida, a Catholic college founded by Domino’s founder and president Tom Monaghan.

Reportedly Wisconsin cheese expert Jacob Zepp may make some “slight modifications” to the recipes used at the local franchise, and the Saturday pizza served to students at Frassati Hall will be replaced with Domino’s pizza once the deal closes.