Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College opened up an “interfaith meditation center” in the space formerly occupied by its Fr. De Smet Chapel this week. According to school executive vice president Saul H. Ciwoknot, WCC, “while having the best advertising and admissions department in the world, really hasn’t tried to appeal to non-Catholics enough in the past.” But Saul hopes to change this with the addition of this “interfaith meditation center” which will be open to students and visitors of all beliefs, rites, and persuasions. Featuring a soft, carpeted floor, spaces to sit and pray, and storage cabinets for students’ preferred spiritual and inspirational reading, the design for the room “really took a cue from the nice meditation rooms found in airports” according to Ciwoknot. “I hear those are really popular,” he added. “We still have a Catholic chapel across the street you can get into during a few hours in the week with an appointment for and I think there’s still a Byzantine chapel somewhere.”

Demand is expected to be high for the usage of the room amongst the school’s diverse student population which includes numerous apparent religious and mathematical cults, including one of the world’s last surviving congregations of Pythagoreans, the Cult of the Tree of Life, and a few remaining adherents of the semi-nation/semi-religion known as Lazikistan.

Lazikistan adherents plan to honor their leader and founder Jeffery Sarvis in the room with a lifesize poster of the fiery speaker while the Cult of the Tree of Life has donated several copies of its religious texts for placement within the room. 

In addition to this general move to attract greater religious diversity, WCC also announced they would be purchasing a copy of the King James Bible for its current sole protestant student, Judith Serk.

As opposed to the Catholic chapel’s limited hours, the school’s new interfaith meditation center will be open and unlocked 24/7 for student use.