Undercover Student Life Agent Mitchel Rogue reported to the office yesterday with some troubling news – A contact whom we shall call Abby was scheduled to meet up with him during an ‘extra Math class’ for an exchange of epinephrine.

“An extra boost of adrenaline is always a good thing,” said Mitchel, “particularly when you’re in the assassination business like I am. To be clear, ‘assassinations’ are typically informing someone that they have been killed – at most and in extreme cases, shooting them with a bullet of no more than 140 grains. A little pain never hurt anyone.”

The undercover exchange was about to be made, when Abby hurriedly exited the room. In a profound case of mental blindness, Mitchel had, in his own words, “eaten a powerball for that extra power”. The problem? Powerballs are made with power and the contact Abby had epinephrine to spare because of her allergies to such concentrated power.

“The results are in.” Mitchel concluded at the meeting in the Dark Room Upstairs, “Abby is fine but the epinephrine will have to wait for another day. The Cowboys will likely lose Quis-Quid on account of my mistake, but with the benadryl I acquired from Abby’s backpack while she was in recovery, at least we can sleep the misery away.”