Lander, WY – In a landmark “opening up” to the modern world, Wyoming Catholic College has begun a course on “intelligent google searching.” Announced as part of the school’s Experiential Leadership Program track but taught by Dr. Jason Baxter, Google 302, intends to teach students how to properly use the extremely complicated and voluminous search engine. 

According to Baxter, “students today at WCC are really quite behind the rest of the world with regard to the usage of technology,” and the course “hopes to fix the problem by introducing students to the wondrous beauty, wisdom, and truth waiting to be discovered for them on Google’s incredible platform.”

WCC 2020 graduate Marc Landry attempted to popularize the usage of Google a year ago for the purpose of acquiring knowledge as he said “Google is the easiest way to learn anything around here.” However, his words didn’t really take off until the arrival of this new course which replaces what was for juniors previously called the “Junior Author Project”.