Lander, WY – Fr. David Anderson, Wyoming Catholic College’s Byzantine chaplain started expanding his role at the school last semester as he began teaching theology to freshmen and juniors. But now a semester later and barely a year-and-a-half since he first came to the college, the Byzantine chaplain and renowned theologian and translator of Patristic works will also be placed in charge of the school’s cafeteria Frassati Hall where he will orchestrate and manage all the school’s food service. The change, part of a “larger shakeup” in the college’s administration according to some of IIT’s intelligence sources, “is just in time for Lent” according to the school’s executive vice president Saul H. Ciwoknot, and “will see the cafeteria go Byzantine while saving the school ‘all kinds of money’.”

Fr. David hasn’t commented on exactly what sort of changes he will be enacting in Frassati Hall, but according to an IIT source with a close connection to the Byzantine community at WCC, he’s likely to switch all food service to water only, offering such options as “warm water, cold water, lukewarm water, frozen water, water in mugs, water in bowls, water in cups, water on plates, water under the Bridge, and maybe even a little bit of salt in the water on Sundays.”

WCC expects to save thousands of dollars a week from this switch to Byzantine-style dining options throughout Lent with Fr. David running all food service, and “if it works well, Fr. Anderson will continue the changes past Lent” our anonymous source added. 

Bruce Liu, the current Food Service Director, will reportedly be switching to “an administrative role over the school’s chaplaincy department.”