San Jose, CA – Tech giant Twitter has suspended the well-known social media platform Twitter from its platform according to a tweet from the company on Wednesday. “We hate bigots and want them off Twitter”. Twitter cited Twitter’s Wednesday Tweet as the reason for the ban of Twitter from the 330 million monthly active user network although Twitter was not able to reply to questions concerning the ban of Twitter from Twitter due to Twitter’s account being banned from access to Twitter. A Twitter representative IIT news agents managed to talk with on Thursday said he was “proud of the decision to ban Twitter from Twitter but he’s also “pretty shocked” that Twitter was banned from the social media platform by Twitter. “We should have kicked them off of our network earlier,” he added. “Bigoted companies like Twitter have no place on a platform like Twitter, and by no means should any of them have the right to kick off amazing organizations like Twitter from a free and open platform for communication and discussion like Twitter.”

No one again has been able to read any of the angry tweets Twitter wrote condemning the decision to ban Twitter because of Twitter’s being banned from the platform. Furthermore, no one either has read any of the draft posts written by Twitter praising the decision to ban Twitter because Twitter was unfortunately banned by the bigoted leadership at Twitter from access to Twitter.

Google has also blocked Google search results from appearing in Google search results and Facebook is reportedly “suspending Facebook from access to its account for 90 days,” a period in which “truly free and open discussion” according to a reporter for the Babylon Bee, is expected to thrive “for the first time in years” on the platform.