The first two [redacted] residents of St. Priscilla and St. Aquilla Dorm at WCC, the first of its kind for married students at the school

Lander, WY – With all kinds of students getting married at Wyoming Catholic College this summer, the school is working extremely hard to get and find housing for them that will maintain the school’s current rules, the Student Handbook, while honoring their new discerned vocations, as Fr. Joseph Bolin (brother of current WCC philosophy professor Dr. Michael Bolin) calls their individual “paths of love”. However, while the school has managed to rent out a studio apartment to house all the soon to be married couples in the coming school year from a professor, their encountering extreme difficulty with deciding what gender the prefect of the new “dorm”, Saint Priscilla and Saint Aquilla, should be.

“We’ve narrowed it down to Janelle Witzaney and Jeremiah Baur, but its kind of difficult to take the next step and actually decide,” says Mary Desegah, head of the WCC Student Life Office, “I mean we could just make the husband the prefect, but all those strong independent WCC women would probably take offense at it because they’d feel like they were losing their maistrie. I’m really not sure what we’re going to do.”

The school will to decide soon, however, as prefects for all the other dorms have already been selected. Detsegah hopes that the “WCC academic council” will be able to “make the decision for her” as the future balance of power between men and women, seemingly having been trending toward women for the bast few years at WCC “hangs in the balance over the outcome of this prefect decision” as IIT analyst Sophia Donaldson tell us.