Blank page

Since we’re so busy writing papers we’re publishing this instead.

It’s a bunch of empty space.

And more empty space.

And it didn’t take long to write.

But it looks like we worked a lot on it, right?

We have so many pages to write, and things to study for. And unlike any other semester, we have no time before finals to study for them. So we’re, you might say, a little busy.

We’ve been trying to sleep less:

This is what happened.

Oh, and we also have a dance to put on as well in a few days.

And we have a JAP presentation to give.

Oh, and here’s some more empty space by the way.

And some more.

And a lot of pages to read as well

Dostoyevsky is a bit long. It’s good, but its a bit long. I wonder where the time is going to be after we read it to actually write about it? I wonder? Hmm.

Well, gotta go, all kinds of papers left to write…

Of course, if I just didn’t care about anything I’d be far less stressed, but as for the student who actually cares about others, cares about his responsibilities, and doesn’t cheat the system… I’d say all those kinds of students are pretty exhausted right now.

A junior (but really any student at WCC right now)