Effective immediately, and prompted by the obvious recent events, Irktusk Ice Truckers is suspending all operations and deliveries in Russia. Since we have a local headquarters in Irkutsk, Russia, this is a little awkward for us, but never fear, we’re on the right side of history. See our Ukrainian flag above for proof.

IIT is still determining how to respond to this evolving situation, as we fear that Russia may soon attack Alaska (where we also have a ton of business). All staff will be evacuated immediately.

So… what’s next?



More Hmm…ing?

For the moment, we’re not getting involved militarily… but we may in the future, depending on what Shadow Flame (our weaponry director) suggests to us…

Also, if you’re reading this post from Russia, please close your browser immediately. You’re not allowed on our site.

Thanks so much!