Sophia Donaldson, a graduate of the Wyoming Catholic College (WCC) Class of 2021 and a former IIT staff writer and business analyst has published her first novel, a WCC-themed romance work entitled PEAK or Pass? Based on her real-life experience as a student at WCC, but with fake characters don’t worry, Sophia’s work is meant to be a humorous, heartwarming, fanciful, and yet realistic take on life at Wyoming Catholic College as it follows the stories of students from the time they attended the college’s summer program, PEAK, as high-schoolers, to first dates, joint-adoration hours, long walks in the park, studying, and even a few engagements come senior year with lots of uncertainty, master planning, and discernment in between.

From relationships that start while washing dishes to ones that start and finish on outdoor trips, from couples that choose to wait to date till sophomore year, or those who think they’re dating their whole time at the college but aren’t, to every other combination you can imagine, this novel has it all. And more.

Critical acclaim for Sophia Donaldson’s PEAK or Pass?:

“The perfect novel to lighten any mood. The comic terrain at its finest. Even Louise Cowan would be proud.” – Dr. Shub

“Spicy.” -Matt Kubisch

“Just read it. Its way to dang close to reality.” – Marcus Gardner

Available now on IIT Books, Amazon, Walmart, and the WCC Gift Shop (whenever it’s open).