Hollywood, CA – Disney’s latest Star Wars TV show will star Everett Polinski as “The New Droid Mechanic On The Block” Okjur Nephilim, a droid mechanic from Mos Espa, Tatooine, who happens to move onto the same block as a young Anakin Skywalker. Few casting details besides Everett in the lead role as a Hinguarelian alien mechanic, have been released about the new show, set to premiere in July 2024, but Disney says the new show will follow Okjur through the twists and turns of striving to survive in a spaceport as rough as Mos Espa.

“Ardent fans will find amazing tie-ins to the broader Star Wars saga,” commented Kathleen Kennedy, director of the Star Wars franchise for Disney. “And watch out for spin-off shows in the next five years based on this program. We won’t stop until every, every individual in the Star Wars universe has at least one Disney show of their own.”

Fans are expected to be excited for the coming of the new show as it gives them new material to complain about and distracts from the burning sadness over its terribleness and excitement over how they have terribleness to complain about, regarding Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV-show, The Rings of Power.