“Why hello there my dude.”

“No one cared who I was until I put on the mask… They wouldn’t serve me and it was literally the most frustrating thing in the world, bro,” lamented senior Rian McGilligan. He reports that he was repeatedly told about something called, ‘the law,’ which was confusing. “They’ve mentioned the Student Handbook to me before, and I’m pretty sure that’s the top dog around here… and who is this Governor? President Arbery definitely outranks him, my dude.”

So today, Rian walked into Frassati finally wearing a mask, expecting to finally be accoladed, and even better, served food.

Unfortunately for Rian, he started remembering his mask a bit too late, as the state-wide mandate went out of effect two years ago today.

No one cared about his new look.

Too bad for Rian.

Better luck next pandemic.

Coincidentally it’s also been exactly two years since the day Rian lost his WCC keycard, and he still hasn’t noticed.

Or cared.