According to CNN and the Babylon Bee, January 6th, 2021 was the worst day in American History. And yet, although we’ve had a full congressional commission investigating what happened and a formal commemoration last year, this year’s commemoration of the horrific day where American democracyTM almost ended is projected to be far smaller than last year’s creating a risk as many historians have been telling us, that the truth about this day might be lost to all future generations through citizens’ neglect.

But let us strive that that may not be the case. If we all strive to keep the true meaning of January 6th in our heart, DONALD TRUMP, and, and we fully keep the ancient traditions for celebrating January 6th alive within our own families, perhaps our posterity will not forget.

The IIT Staff is here to share a few of our recommendations for properly celebrating January 6th on this coming anniversary and every year.

Don’t let January 6th become just another over-commercialized holiday: live the day like it was originally meant to be lived, as the true believer Liz Cheney does: Wish everyone a “VERY MERRY JANUARY 6TH!” Shout it in their faces. Don’t let it devolve into a general, cowardly “Happy Holidays”, but insure that everyone knows you are celebrating it

Decorate your house. Set up a siege ladder in your room and hang it with lights, Trump figurines, and commemorative Proud Boys figurines. Put a statue of Buffalo Guy in your living room. Hang some militia flags outside your house.

Invite everyone you know to dinner and commemoratively read from the sacred texts of Nancy Pelosi and Chuch Schumer.

Sing January 6th carols with your family and friends. Here are some of our staff’s favorites:

  • Donald Trump is Coming to Town
  • “Deck the Halls with Broken Glass”
  • Grandma Got Run Over By a Buffalo
  • The Little Buffalo Guy
  • O Come All Ye Traitors
  • Here We Come A Insurrecting
  • O Little Town of Washington
  • Jingle Riots
  • Deck the Halls with Broken Glass
  • We Wish You a Failed Coup
  • We Three Militias
  • Hark! The Herald Trump Supporters Sing

Go around your neighborhood and sing these songs too! Study the words of the prophet of freedom known as Buffalo Guy:

Watch some classic January 6th films tonight, from the original (OG) January 6th hearings to January 6th: The Musical:

Or for more action-focused fun watch one of the many films in the January 6th Cinematic UniverseTM:

But whatever you do, again, never, even forget that Trump is the reason for the season. Make sure your children fear him.

UPDATE: IIT did a bit more research and discovered that Catholics have been commemorating January 6th for generations with lots of great hymns (although we are a little confused about how this all connects to the insurrectionTM)

Here is one of the songs we found just in case you’re interested in a hyper-traditional celebration of January 6th.

And remember it’s Merry January 6th!