According to a recent IIT survey of Catholics, views of “canonical irregularity” are becoming relatively more positive if it would be the way to have churches that look more like this.

“I mean, does some minor detail of canonical standing really matter,” commented one man we interviewed, Peter Pezel. “Since being Catholic is all really only about having ever bigger and bolder churches, I really think we should look into having more of that if it gives us churches like the Kansas Immaculata. Does a minor question like whether Bishop Lefebvre filled out all his paperwork for consecrating bishops correctly really matter so much in light of things like this,” he added, ” looking up to us from his twenty-eighth viewing of the new SSPX chapel’s “Final Construction Update” video.

Several other Catholics echoed Pezel’s comments, with some telling us they are actively planning to start their own “societies” under the assumption that this will simply automatically give them beautiful churches and cathedrals.

“It’s just nature,” another told us, “Add some irregularity and everything goes better. Hey, the first Christians we’re probably treated as canonically irregular by their Jewish brothers.”

“I mean, just look at this video,” another added.