Lander, WY – It’s Sunday in Lander, WY (and around most of the world right now too). But according to a recent report received by IIT, Wyoming Catholic College’s Outdoor Leadership Program / Catholic Outdoor Retreat (OLP/COR) still has there employees working as one of IIT’s most diligent investigative reporters caught sign of today. According to Sophia Donaldson, our operative, working on her day off, she spotted COR interns hard at work cleaning up geat in the garage, COR Summer Staff fixing stoves, several COR missionaries instructing trips, and even other unidentified COR staff out shopping for food for trips leaving tomorrow. “Lots of action,” she reported.

Staff were allowed to go to Mass. “We are somewhat affiliated with a small Catholic college and I guess that’s one way we can keep the Lord’s Day holy,” one OLP/COR staff manager told us. However, they are asked to go to a Vigil Mass Saturday night possible if possible because “getting logistics right on busy Sundays in the outdoor program gear room matter. Repairing tents for outdoor trips is like pulling your ox out of a well. And the work isn’t servile. There’s music playing in the background. And so much of our people are volunteering that we can’t really say they’re dishonoring Sunday when we ask them to work today.”

Admittedly, IIT is publishing today too. Which I guess means that at least some of our staff is working.