St. Independence (1776-1787) was seemingly something life America’s version of Frances St. Joan of Arc. Little is known about his life, little about his actions, little about his death, but he is given a yearly feast day, July 4th, that is only celebrated in the United States (although the Philippines celebrate St. Independence of the Philippines on this day they seem to be referring to a different person). St. Independence is the only Catholic saint really respected by the rest of American society with thousands of parades, millions of fire works, and hymns, which make us at IIT trying to dechiper the legends assume that St. Independence had something to do with the founding of the United States of America. The British seem to hate St. Independence in particular for some reason, so we also assume that St. Independence was strong in fighting for the Catholic faith against the Anglican takeover, although the timeline (1776-1787) traditionally ascribed to the saint’s life doesn’t match up that well.

Well, none of the sources we’ve tried, even Butler’s Lives of the Saint’s have anything to say at all about him, so, with that, we’ll dispense with trying to create a biography for a saint we know next to nothing about and just wish you all a happy feast of St. Independence.