Cult of the Tree of Life

Join the Freshmen Rockers of the WCC Class of 2022 in exploration of the Evangelium Andreii, the truths, life, and deity of Andrew.

Join his cult, offer a sacrifice, make a donation, support Andrew and his mission to bring spike to the world.

Here is a sample lesson from the wisdom of Andrew and his prophets

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The Cult of the Tree of Life is a 501(3)c charitable foundation for the betterment of the god Andrew and his followers . Founded in 2018 in Lander, WY we are proud to be sponsored by Irkutsk Ice Truckers – “the bravest metal there is”

Listen to the official Tree of Life Cult hymns today:

Janelle – goddess

Men: You can join the fun too: Join Janelle’s cult and rock away to deity as she is also a goddess.


Cult members enjoying a leisurely time before the ritual of BunnyBunny