Freshmen Anne and Emily, aiming to redeem opinions of the Class of 2022 from being solely satirical and unserious, have launched a serious project, a blog named the Barnabus Project

About it:

The Barnabas Project is a blog by and for the Wyoming Catholic College class of 2022. It’s a kind of combined lit-mag and indie coffee shop; it’s a site for philosophical musings on what we’re reading and thinking about, photography from our vacations, poetry and short stories, or basically anything.
A little background: at the end of COR, we had a program at campfire called The Barnabas Project in which we, in a way, prepared to face the challenges of being a student. As we face the challenges of summer, this blog will be a small oasis of WCC culture against the tumultuous ocean of the wider world.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton 

View it here:

To contribute (if you’re a Freshmore), find Anne’s email entitled “Summer Blog” and read her instructions there.