The price? She did not know the price of this expensive item. What should she do?

She was new to the job of selling expensive pieces of jewelry and costly items. She had been working there for only three weeks.

One fine, normal, sunny, hot, June afternoon a customer walked up to the counter and the girl wearing a name tag that with the name “Julia” on it. Now one cannot be too sure if this was actually the girl’s name. Anyway, the woman wanted to pay for three very expensive pieces of jewelry, for her daughter’s wedding and when the girl rang up the price the woman was shocked at how high it was. She knew that the items she picked out were expensive but she did not really think about the price adding everything together. The price the woman heard was $854.42.

The woman asked “Julia” what the pieces cost individually. The girl replied, “How about you pay for it and then I’ll ring up the price of each of them.”

The woman could not have been more shocked. One cannot really describe what the ladies’ face looked like. It was… well kind of… umm…oh never mind.

That is the tale of “Julia the dumb”. Is she trying to rip people off? One will never know.

A guest contribution to Irkutsk Ice Truckers