After using the building for ten years, Wyoming Catholic College only just this month officially discovered that their main classroom building, the Baldwin Building has a basement. More adventurous students have obviously always known that it existed, but the philosophical administration at WCC never showed any sign at all of beleiving in its existence

The basement…

Even a door clearly marked as “Basement” in the much-used east entranceway was never really noticed until 2019 graduate Nicklaus King, working for the school over the summer, opened the wrong door by mistake late one night while locking up the Baldwin building. “I’d never seen it before, even over the four years I was a student, but there was a stairway behind this door, and a space of great extension below.”

Of coourse he immediately informed the Student Life Office, which had similiarly in the past received the discovery of such weird things as stray cats at the dorms, staged fights with multiple full body concussions, and that someone had managed to open the Baldwin safe and was storing scandalous TAC shirts within. This discovery was for more mundane, morally amnbivalent in itself, but director Halsmer decided to put it to immediate use. 

“Guess Latin Class won’t be an ice-cream party all the time,” she commented as she planned for all the ice-cream stored in the Latin classrooom to be moved to the sprawling new space below. At her command, several sophomores were pressed into service to help with the move, ones whom, surprisingly to her, though she didn’t really question it too deeply, already seemed to know about the basement. Soon, all the Library’s extra books, spare paper, and lost nalgenes were also moved into the space, such a wide variety of uses, that it now seems impossible for the school to have operated before without knowledge/use of it.

Some suggest that this is just a sign of wider disorganization and confusion at WCC. “They basically treated it like prime matter,” says senior Parker G. Eidle on the situation. A candidate for president of WCC in the upcoming 2020 election, Pako continued“How they know everything about their students but nearly nothing about their classroom building is beyond me, but as president I’ll definitely make sure that’s fixed. Explore Baldwin Nights everybody!”

We suspect from Pako’s commentary that the WCC student body has always known about the basement and the administration not as a sign of a wider truth that the students know far more about everything than they let on. For, similiarly, new studying spaces are being revealed every day to the Student Life office and, for most of them, they’ve obviously been in use for at least months.

WCC Students also seem to know more about NOLS’ buildings than NOLS staff themselves, and knew more about the hotel last year than its administration. At least WCC administrators are finding out more and more now about such basic things, and the situation is improving, but we reccommend “for the good of the community as a whole” that you report any “new discoveries” that they may be relevant to the community to the school itself. Just to make sure. It is quite nice how much space in Baldwin is being saved now. No, actually, it’s amazing!